Here you can read or prepare ASF past papers Solved MCQs for your ASF written test. Inspectors ASF FPSC Subject Wise MCQs. past papers, Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASI) asf MCQs, Corporal’s asf MCQs, Corporal Drivers asf MCQs, Assistants asf MCQs, Stenotypists asf MCQs, Draftsman asf MCQs, Upper Division Clerks asf MCQs, Medical Attendant, Lab Attendants asf MCQs, You can study for your tests by reading online or downloading to your phone or computer.

ASF Jobs Test Pattern/ Syllabus 2022

We will provide you with information on the ASF written test syllabus &, paper pattern, test preparation, and past papers answer MCQs in pdf book downloads in this section and ASI test preparation book and ASF MCQs pdf, for ASI, Driver, and corporal.

The test will be based on MCQs. The recruitment Cell of ASF will conduct itself a Written test for ASI & Corporal Jobs. This ASF Test Syllabus and Pattern is valid for Corporal, Assistant Sub Inspector ASI, and all uniform posts announced for males and females in the latest advertisement to

The ASF paper consists of four sections conducted by ASF Department itself. The first part consists of English questions which have 15 marks, the second part is General knowledge also has 15 marks, the third part is Pakistan Study which has 10 marks and the fourth part is Urdu Adab’s questions which have 10 marks.

EnglishIslamic & Pak studies
General KnowledgeIntelligence & Urdu Adab
Current Affairs (Pak & International)ASF Related

Written Test Date For ASF Jobs 2022

Applicants must submit their name and CNIC to get ASF written test date 2022 test roll no slip, test preparation, sample paper, past paper, answer key, Result, and Final List 2022.

  • ASI
  • Corporal
  • Driver
  • MT Driver
  • Naib Qasid
  • Cook
  • Sweeper
  • UDC
  • LDC
  • Assistant

A written test will be conducted for the post of corporal, ASI, and Civilians in September 2022.

ASF Original Past Papers, Test syllabus for corporal and ASI’s Jobs 2022

asf past papers
asf past paper
ASF Past Paper with solved Mcqs

Download ASF Roll no slip For Written & Physical Test 2022:

Both male and female individuals with Matric education are eligible to apply in the ASF sector for the post of corporal. The system for selecting Airport Security Force employees has been altered.

Candidates can apply to join the ASF as an ASI or Corporal by visiting the official website The Roll No Slip will be emailed to candidates who apply for ASF Job 2022 via the official website.

ASF Written Test Most Important MCQs:

We are going to share with you the ASF past paper Important MCQs, that will help you to get good marks on the written test. The ASF jobs test previous year papers and, if any, a grasp of linguistic variations would be extremely beneficial for individuals who are preparing to participate in the written ASF FPSC exam. The ASF Written Test Sample Papers, Syllabus and Past Papers, New Paper Pattern and Solved MCQs may be found here often. asf past paper 2019 pdf available here to download. Check asf past papers corporal. solved corporal asf past papers.

ASF Past Paper Solved MCQs

ASF Corporal solved Paper April 2022 available in this post. Here, you can get ASF solved MCQs Past Papers for the test of Corporal bps 07. ASF test preparation most important MCQs past papers and books for the post of ASI are available here in pdf. You can Download the book, and prepare Mcqs for your test.

  • Find out the comparative Degree of black. (Blacker)
  • she (never)comes late. The word in the bracket is? (Adverb)
  • A large crowd gathered to……. his speech. (Listen)
  • The theory has been abandoned …….. modern discoveries. (in the light of)
  • Antonym of imitating? (originate)
  • Anonym of Bright? (dark)
  • Synonym of Expect? (Anticipate)
  • Synonym of Abacus? (casserole)
  • The Porter was hit by the (down) train. the word in the bracket is? (Adjective)
  • Why do the children make noise? Change the Voice. (why is the noise made by the children)
  • Correct spelling (Referred)
  • she says, “I am right”. Change indirect speech (she says that she is right)
  • Which is following is a seaport. (Shanghai)
  • Electric charge is measured in units of. (Coulomb)
  • What is the currency name of Ukraine? (None)
  • The world’s highest waterfall. (Angels falls)
  • Solar Eclipse occurred when. (Moon falls between earth and sun)
  • Alexandria is the name of the seaport. (Egypt)
  • The earth rotates around its axis. (west to east)
  • …….. is called Land of Midnight sun. (Norway)
  • The nearest planet to the earth is. (Venus)
  • which of the following continent have no glaciers? (Australia)

Most Important Mcqs which are getting from asf previous papers for asf test preparation

  • Kohala waterfalls are located in. (Neelam valley)
  • A fathometer is used for measuring. (depth of ocean)
  • The term hijacking refers to….(Kidnaping of passengers)
  • ASF Is a………. department. (Federal)
  • The largest planet in our solar system. (Jupiter)
  • ASF was raised under the ASF act. (1975)
  • what part of the minutes clasps between 27 seconds to 43 seconds in friction?
  • when an electric iron is sold at Rs 2500, the profit is 22%.what will be the profit when it is sold at Rs 2800? (35%)
  • solve it, 250+0.00085×95=? (250.08075)
  • which of the following number is closest to zero? (0.02)
  • If 10 men can do a job in 48 days, how many days will 6 men do the same job? (85)
  • if it takes 10 minutes to walk 3/2 miles, how many minutes will it walk the rest of the miles? (
  • ..,.. is the presiding person of the senate of Pakistan. (Chairman)
  • The current literacy rate of Pakistan is? ( 62%)
  • Jinnah-Gandhi talks were held at Quaid e Azam’s house in(1944)
  • in ……Quaid e Azam Joined the All India Muslim league. (1913)
  • The longest boundary of Pakistan is shared. (Afghanistan)
  • What is the old name of Attock? (Campbell-pur)
  • Heer Ranjha was written by. (None of these)
  • Abdus Salam was the first Pakistani awarded by Nobel Prize jointly with… (Sheldon lee Glashow?
  • Which country supplies edible oil to Pakistan? (All of these)
  • There are……….. reserve seats for minorities in Pakistan National Assembly. (None of these)
  • Yom e Takbeer is celebrated on? (28 May)

ASF Past Paper ASI Corporal and Pdf Book free download

The ASI and Corporal admission exam preparation book is now available in the market, and students may readily purchase them and begin studying. As an alternative, a large number of well-known authors have penned a slew of works throughout the years. ASF department admission exam study materials are widely accessible in bookstores around the country.

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